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Riverfest celebrates Bitterroot with fun and entertainment

(HAMILTON)- Considering the threat of flooding that lingered through the Bitterroot Valley for the first half of summer, you can’t blame residents for wanting to celebrate a bit.

From April to July, the Bitterroot and its many tributaries were hardly the pastoral, peaceful scene you expect to find on postcards. The river was gouging new channels, and churning its way through the entire valley. And although major flooding was averted, it still kept the river “off limits” for floaters and fly fishermen alike for weeks.

Now, the river has returned to its more typical summer conditions, and the setting is perfect for Saturday’s annual Riverfest at the River Park in Hamilton.

The event is geared for the entire family, with booths set up to help people learn about the river’s ecology including fish and raptors, and how the river works. From 12 to 1pm, exotic animals will be on display.

If you’ve ever wanted to learn fly fishing, casting lessons will start at 1:30, with a casting contest to test your new skills following at 2:30.

Throughout the day, food will be available, as well as popular local brews on tap from 3 to 6.

The "Big Sky Mudflaps" will be performing at 3pm.

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