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July a scorcher, but no Missoula record for 90s

Dennis Bragg photo(MISSOULA)- With a few exceptions, it may seem like the thermometer has been locked at 90-degrees and above all month long. And with more 90s in the forecast to close the month you might think we're close to breaking a record. 

And a check of the weather stats shows we have had a lot of days north of 90 this month. But we'll end up far short of the all-time scorcher month in Missoula weather history of July 2007.

Though the first half of the month, Missoula was on course to have the third warmest July on record. That's been tempered by last week's cool down. But the number of 90-degree-plus days is still impressive.

Through Monday, Missoula had recorded 18-days of 90 and above. With the current forecast we should finish July with 21-days over that mark. 

Yet that's still nowhere near what we suffered in 2007. That July, 30 of the 31-days in the month were over 90-degrees. That was also the landmark month when Missoula set its all-time hot temperature reading of 107-degrees and had 7-days not just above 90, but above 100. By comparison, the hottest day this month, through Monday, was 97-degrees. 

If the forecast holds, 2014 will be fourth on the list for 90-degree days in July, behind 2007 with 30, 24-days in 1960, and 23-days in 1985. Missoula had 19-days of 90-degrees or above in both 2012 and 2013. 

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