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Judge denies motion by former Vann's CEO to delay prison

(MISSOULA)- A federal judge is denying a motion by the former CEO of Vann's to postpone his date to begin serving time for fraud and other offenses. 

Earlier this year, George Manlove was convicted of 1-hundred-70 counts of theft and fraud. A jury found him guilty of stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars from Vann's, the Missoula-based electronics and appliance retailer which eventually went out of business.

Prosecutors had wanted to send him to prison for a decade, but defense attorneys argued a year was sufficient. Last month, Judge Dana Christensen split the difference, sentencing Manlove to 5-years in prison with 3-years of supervised release. 

Manlove is scheduled for a hearing to determine how much restitution he will have to pay to his victims on June 19th. But he was arguing for more time before reporting to a corrections center in Oregon, saying his mother was terminally ill and he needed more travel time. 

However, yesterday Christensen denied Manlove's request to remain free until mid-July, saying the court had given him "more time than the usual defendant to self-surrender" and that another 30-days "is not warranted." However, the judge did agree to give Manlove until June 22nd to self-surrender at the Oregon prison, allowing him time to travel from his Southwest Idaho home to Missoula for the restitution hearing, and then make it to Oregon. 


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