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O'Neill book set for April release

(BUTTE)- The book by the Butte man who claims to have taken the killing shot which ended the life of Osama bin Laden is due for an April release. 

Rob O'Neill was a Navy SEAL who was on the 2011 raid on bin Laden's compound in Pakistan where the Al-Qaeda leader was taken after several years on the run following the 9-11 terrorist attacks in the U.S. O'Neill made the claim a couple of years ago and has been traveling around the country making appearances as a motivational speaker, although he's come under some criticism from others for telling the story. 

Now, publisher Scribner will share O'Neill's story in a new book called "The Operator". A posting online shows the book will be available on April 25th. 

The description says the book will detail more than 400 missions, including the bin Laden raid, and the rescue of Captain Richard Phillips from Somali pirates. The publisher describes the book as "stirringly evocative, thought-provoking and often jaw-dropping."


Another shot of cold for Montana

Glacier National Park from the Apgar Lookout Wednesday morning, where temps were already below zero(MISSOULA)- After several inches of new snow fell across the region Tuesday, it's back to cold, with some sub-zero readings for Montana. 

A vigorous Pacific system, combined with colder Arctic air east of Divide brought heavy snow to Western and Southwestern Montana again this week. Some valleys, like the Bitterroot, received an additional 8-10" of snow, coming on top of the already significant snow that's been on the ground since shortly after Thanksgiving. 

Some of the mountain locations, especially in the southwest, received another 2-3 feet of snow, once more bringing concerns of avalanches. 

However, the main weather feature the next couple of days will be cold, complicated by wind. Standing air temps are expected to drop below zero in many areas, and feel much colder in some spots when combined with wind chill. 

Another shot of snow is expected Friday before conditions moderate with a mix of snow and rain for the weekend. 


Trump order impacting Missoula refuge effort

(MISSOULA)- Leaders of Missoula's refugee effort, Soft Landing Missoula, have been scrambling in recent days to sort out the "travel ban" imposed by the Trump Administration.

But the group says it remains committed to helping refugees find new homes in Missoula. 

The executive order signed Friday by President Trump limits entry by immigrants from seven countries which have the been focus of concern over terrorism. 

With 50-refugees already settled in Missoula, Soft Landing has been working to assure new arrivals, and sort out details of the order, including the reunification of families. The group is also advocating support for the refugees who've already located in Missoula, and urging political action to deal with the immigration issue. 

Executive Director Mary Poole has told Newstalk KGVO there's "no indication" any of the current refugees will have to "return or being deported." She says the the refugees "should be safe here", but there are concerns about family members still in the process of immigrating. 

Soft Landing Missoula has posted a fact sheet explaining its concerns and position. 


Zinke cleared for Interior position

(WASHINGTON, D.C.)- Montana Congressman Ryan Zinke is on his way to confirmation as the new Interior Secretary, after getting the approval of a key Senate committee this week.

Zinke was tabbed several weeks ago by President Donald Trump to fill the seat, which oversees everything from the Bureau of Land Management to the National Park Service.

Tuesday, the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee gave its endorsement to Zinke's appointment on a 16-6 vote, setting up a confirmation vote by the full Senate. 

The vote also continues to push forward Montana's plans for a special election to fill the lone House seat representing the Treasure State. 


Suspect arrested in Helena motel murder

(HELENA)- Authorities say they've arrested the man suspected of shooting another man in the parking lot of a Helena motel early Wednesday. 

Helena Police report 41-year old Brandon LeClair was later arrested on a warrant for homicide in Boulder. 

Detectives say LeClair was spotted walking near the Motel 6 on North Oregon Street just before 1 a.m. Wednesday with blood on his hands. When police arrived on scene they found a 31-year old Butte man who'd been shot in the parking lot. Efforts to save his life weren't successful. 

There's been no immediate word on a motive for the shooting, although it may have resulted from a fight. 

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