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ExxonMobil working on plans for next oil gear shipment

ExxonMobil is working out details for its next shipment of oil field gear across Idaho and Montana, the second time it will ship equipment to the Alberta Tar Sands oil fields.

The first load made it's way rapidly across the region just over a week ago, using Interstate 90, instead of the more controversial route over Lolo Pass.

These loads are also considerably smaller than the "megaloads" which have been using the Highway 12 route.

The latest on the story from KPAX.


Lolo woman charged with leaving her young sons home alone

(MISSOULA)- KPAX TV is reporting a Lolo woman is in trouble for leaving her 6-year old, and 3-year old boys home alone while she went out to a casino to get a drink.

Police were called after one of the boys got scared and went to a neighbor's house.




Homicide charges now filed in Great Falls toddler case

(Great Falls)- A Great Falls man will face homicide charges in the death of a 15-month old toddler.

Charles Cadwell was arrested by police following the Friday abuse incident. Authorities aren't buying his story that he "tripped and fell" on the little girl. Bail was set today at $750,000.

KRTV has the latest.


Wolf battle back in Molloy's court

(MISSOULA)- The on-going struggle over Endangered Species Protection for wolves in the Northern Rockies heads back to court, as conservation groups argue Congress overstepped its authority de-listing the wolves this spring.

Congress added a rider to an appropriations bill last April, telling the Interior Department to lift protection for the wolves in Idaho and Montana, effectively nullifying Judge Donald Molloy's order restoring ESA protection last August.

Several conservation groups want Molloy to declare the Congressional action unconstitutional under the Separation of Powers section of the Constitution. Attorneys will make those arguments in federal court in Missoula Friday morning.

KPAX TV has the full story.


Total of vandalized cars continues to climb

(MISSOULA)- And the total continues to grow. KPAX TV is now reporting that more than 100 vehicles both inside and outside the city were hit with spray paint during that weekend vandalism spree.

The cars were tagged with orange and black paint in a broad area extending from Target Range and South Avenue west to the airport.

Here's the latest from KPAX