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No horse racing again this year in Kalispell

KAJ TV photo(KALISPELL)- Great Falls may have okayed the return of horse racing this season, but Kalispell has joined other Montana fairs in saying "no thanks" to the ponies. 

KAJ TV reports Kalispell All Breed Turf Club says it has no plans to run horses at the Northwest Montana Fair again this year, partly because Flathead County has declined to help defray any costs. 

Missoula and Billings have also declined to have horse racing this season, although the Montana Board of Horse Racing is still working on putting together a statewide circuit for this summer. 


Rule change could boost cross-border business for MT

(KALISPELL)- A change in Canadian duty rates could be an economic boost for Kalispell, Whitefish, Great Falls and other Montana cities that benefit from cross-border shopping. 

The new changes make a four-fold increase in amount of goods Canadian shoppers can bring back from the U.S. if they're south of the border for 24-hours. The old limit was $50 but that's been increased to $200. Limits on goods for a 48-hour stay have jumped from $400 to $800. 

The Daily Interlake reports that's being seen as a big boost to Canadian shopping along Montana's northern border. 

University of Lethbridge economist Donna Townley believes the changes will add "rocket fuel" to the amount of commerce between Montana, Alberta and British Columbia. And she believes businesses can benefit by getting involved in programs like NXGEN's Canada Certified program. The program developed by the Whitefish business makes it easier for American businesses to handle their Canadian customers business with Canadian currency and receipts at the point of sale. 

Read more about NXGEN Payment Services here.


Glacier Bancorp moves to consolidate operations

(KALISPELL)- Glacier Bancorp officials say they're going to consolidate their various bank operations across the region into a single commercial bank in an effort to make it easier to manage and meet regulations.

The Kalispell-based bank is comprised of eleven different banking subsidiaries in Montana, Colorad, Idaho, Utah, Washington and Wyoming. Under the consolidation, those subsidiaries will be combined into a single bank, but will continue to operate as separate divisions of Glacier Bank under the local names they already use. Each division will still use the same directors and management teams they presently have. 

After consolidation, Glacier Bank will have $7.2-billion in assets and will operate 102-branches, making it one of the largest regional banks in the Northern Rockies and the Northwest. 

Glacier Bank will apply to make the change with federal and state bank regulators, with hopes of having the changeover approved in the second quarter of 2012. 

"We have studied this internal consolidation for over a year and are excited to replace our existing structure with one that should minimize our regulatory burden," said Mick Blodnick, President and CEO. "This move will ease our reporting requirements while allowing the new bank divisions to continue to operate as they have in the past with the same bank names, autonomous leadership and local boards.  The new structure will free up more resources to be better spent developing and delivering products and services to our customers in a faster and more efficient manner," Blodnick said.



Kalispell city manager leaving for Rhode Island

(KALISPELL)- For the second time in 3-years, the Kalispell city council will have to hire a new city manager.

That's current City Manager Jane Howington is leaving to take a new job in Rhode Island.

The Flathead Beacon is reporting that Howington told her staff she was leaving on Thursday. The paper reports the Newport, Rhode Island announced Wednesday that Howington had been offered the job two weeks ago and will be starting her new job on January 9th. 

She'll become the first woman to hold the post in Newport.

Howington came to Kalispell in 2009 and has spent the past two years helping to rebuild the city's cash reserves from less than $300,000 to more than $1-million under an accelerated timeframe. However that austre approach didn't set well with everyone. She made headlines last fall in a showdown with firefighters over budget cuts and layoffs.       


“Occupy” movement now active in nearly all of Montana’s cities

Demonstrators in Kalispell Saturday- photo from the Daily KosThe “Occupy” movement appears to be gaining steam in the Treasure State, with at least some weekend rallies and gathering in all of Montana’s major cities.

An outgrowth of the “Occupy Wall Street” movement that started a month ago in New York and has spread not only across the country, but to demonstrations overseas, protesters were active over the weekend in Missoula, Kalispell, Bozeman, Billings, Butte, Great Falls and Helena. 

In Missoula, where a group has been camped on the courthouse lawn for the past week, demonstrators rallied in Caras Park, marched though downtown and stopped at Congressman Denny Rehberg’s office before ending up back at the courthouse.

In Kalispell, “Occupy” demonstrators showed up for the first time this fall, with more than 50-people of all ages lining Main Street, waving signs and protesting “government and corporate greed.” One woman held a sign saying “this country was built by men in denim and will be destroyed by men in suits.”

Small rallies were also held in Helena and Great Falls, with organizers saying they wanted to show their support for the larger rallies around the country, letting their fellow demonstrators know that “Montana is part of America.”

About 200 people marched in Bozeman, carrying signs and chanting as they walked from the MSU campus to the library, where they stopped for speeches and a rally.

And for the first time, “Occupy” protesters even made an appearance in conservative Billings, with a handful of people coming out in the bad weather and wave signs over the weekend.