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Rehberg maintains lead in latest polls

(HELENA)- We'll know for certain on Tuesday, but right now Congressman Denny Rehberg is maintaining his lead in the latest poll for the hotly-contested U.S. Senate Race. 

Rehberg is attempting to jump from the House to the Senate by defeating Jon Tester in his first re-election bid. The race has generated a record amount of campaign spending, and attention from around the country in the national fight for control of the Senate. 

According to the latest Lee Newspapers poll Rehberg held a slim edge over Tester this past week, with 49%. 45% said they would vote for Tester, with 1% for Dan Cox, the Libertarian in the race. Just over 600-voters took part in the poll.

5% told the pollsters they still hadn't made up their minds. 

Read the full story from the Missoulian here. 


Sales tax, minimum wage mark gubernatorial debate

Bullock, right and Hill, left, shake hands during Saturday's MTN debate- MTN photo(BOZEMAN)- Democratic gubernatorial candidate Steve Bullock says if legislation to set up a sales tax in Montana ever came across his desk he’d veto it. 

But when Bullock charged that his Republican rival Rick Hill thinks otherwise during the latest debate between the pair, Hill shot back he’s “never proposed a sales tax in this campaign.”

The sales tax was just one thorny point between the two, as they faced off during a Bozeman debate broadcast statewide Saturday night on the MTN Network

Bullock, the current Montana Attorney General, and Hill, the former Montana Congressman are both vying to replace Gov. Brian Schweitzer when his second term is complete at the end of the year. 

Most polls have the race in a dead heat, and the debate was further proof of how the outcome could hinge on one of several key issues, including state spending, business development and the economy, and what both men have done previously in their political careers. 

Hill underlined his work to reform cut taxes and rework welfare programs while he was serving in Washington. Bullock pointed to campaigns from the AG’s office on drunk driving and defending Montana’s rights to limit campaign spending. 

Bullock took Hill to task for being against increases in Montana’s minimum wage. But Hill argued that studies show higher minimum wage levels are killing the development of new jobs. 


Economic issues tops in Montana Congressional race

The debate was carried live on both PBS stations and streamed on the Montana PBS website(MISSOULA)- Spurring the economy, and how to cut government spending, are the dominate themes Tuesday night, as candidates for Montana’s lone seat in the House debate in Missoula.

Republican Steve Daines of Bozeman, Democrat Kim Gillan of Billings and Libertarian Dave Kaiser of Victor gathered in the Missoula studios at Montana PBS in a debate done before the cameras, but not in front of a live audience. The 90-minute debate was broadcast statewide. 

All three had ideas to create jobs in Montana, ranging from better worker re-training programs to cutting red tape.

“Let’s change our focus, and focus on the companies, the individuals in the United States who are going to use our talent and make sure they’re going to create jobs for the future," said Gillan. "I think the strategy we need to do is to work with Republicans and Democrats instead of starting from the extremes and find a way we can get the economy back on track.”

Kaiser, running for office for the first time, sounded a continued theme of cutting the size and influence of government. 

“All the waste, all the duplicate services out of the federal government. We’ll save an enormous amount of money. The also with regulations that are dated back to the 40s, 50s, 60s. We can eliminate them and let businesses do what they do best and not be impeded by the federal government.”

"we’ve got to attack the $16-trillion debt," said Daines in response to the jobs question. "It creates tremendous uncertainity. We have countries like China that we owe 1.1-trillion to. And so it’s going to take some broad, comprehensive bi-partisan support to get that done. These are big, big issues and the clock is ticking. We need to get to the people’s work back in Washington.”


Whitefish senator launches PAC to defeat Obama

(WHITEFISH)- Former Navy SEAL and current Montana State Senator Ryan Zinke is launching a political action committee with the purpose of bringing "true leadership back to Washington."

Zinke is chair of the Special Operations for America group and announced the new PAC's formation in a press release this week. 

Zinke asserts that President Obama is "jeopardizing the safety of our troops" for "political gain". He claims the President exploited the capture of Osama bin Laden and has "exposed the identity of special operations units, leaked classified information, and limited the rules of engagement of forces on the ground."

Read more from the Flathead Beacon or visit the SOFA website


Washington group to plow money into MT Senate race to attack Obama

(WASHINGTON, D.C.)- This year’s June Primary might not have drawn the attention of the Presidential candidates that we saw four years ago. But now that the Primary is over and the races are set, expect the Senate showdown between Jon Tester and Denny Rehberg to get used as a “poker chip” in the broader battle between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama.

CNN is reporting today that an independent group headed by long-time GOP strategist Karl Rove is going to dump more than $1-million to run a series of television ads attacking Obama in Montana, New Mexico and Indiana.

The ads are sponsored by Crossroads GPS and American Crossroads are a follow up to other commercials that have already been running on a less-targeted basis.

In the Montana ad, the sponsors go after Tester, the freshman senator saying he’s voted for Obama’s policies “95% of the time” instead of being an “independent voice for Montana,” supporting the Obama healthcare plan and “failed trillion dollar stimulus plan.”

The ad in Indiana sounds a similar theme, but in Mexico it takes the opposite tact as it supports former Representative Heather Wilson, who is actually the challenger in that Senate race.

A Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee spokesman says voters in Montana and the other states “understand” that Rove and “special interests are investing” in Rehberg and the others because they “back and an anti-middle class agenda.”

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