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New clues recovered in solider's disappearance 3-years ago

(BOB MARSHALL WILDERNESS)- A week-long wilderness trip could finally bring answers to the death of a California national guard member in the Bob Marshall Wilderness Area.

KXLH TV reports the remains of Noah Pippen were finally located near the Chinese Wall last year, two years after he vanished on a cross country trip.

Lewis and Clark County Sheriff Leo Dutton hopes a bullet, and some bone fragments recovered on this latest trip will help put certainty to Pippen's identity, and could help answer questions as to full details of his death, which still isn't being treated as a homicide. 


Tests negative for missing solider

A family picture of missing soldier Noah Pippen- KAJ photo(HELENA)- The family of a soldier who apparently vanished in the Bob Marshall Wilderness more than a year ago had been hoping remains recently found by a search team would bring some closure to their lives.

But a state medical examiner says tests have shown the bones found last month near the Chinese Wall don't belong to Noah Pippen.

The remains were recovered by a search team that hiked into the remote area late last month. They were checking out reports of clothing and other clues that had been found by a hiker earlier in the summer.

However, KXLH is reporting a forensic examiner at the State Medical Examiner's Office in Missoula has determined the bones searchers returned with were not human. 

A state medical forensic examiner has determined that the bones found at the base of the Chinese Wall in the Bob Marshall Wilderness Area were not human.



Searchers in Bob Marshall looking for missing soldier's remains

(BOB MARSHALL WILDERNESS)- Search crews are on the trail in the Bob Marshall Wilderness, hoping to find evidence that will finally solve the mystery of a missing Kalispell soldier.

Noah Pippin hasn't been seen in over a year and authorities believe he may have died while on a backcountry hike in the remote reaches of The Bob near the Chinese Wall. That theory is driven by a credible lead where other hikers have found clothing that matches the description of what Pippin might have been wearing.

KAJ TV reports search crews left early Monday, hoping to reach the area and find more clues, or even his remains, which might have been buried in ice and snow.



Family accepts fate of missing solider

KAJ TV photo(KALISPELL)- The family of solider who has been missing for a year say they're accepting his probable death.

Noah Pippin hasn't been seen for a year, with his family and authorities working on the theory that he may have vanished while hiking in the Bob Marshall Wilderness. This week, the anniversary of his disappearance, family members are telling KAJ TV reporter Katy Harris they're accepting Pippin is probably dead.

Authorities believe Pippin may have perished while trying to cross the Chinese Wall, and that body could be somewhere between Salt and Cliff Mountain. A recovery team hopes to look for his remains shortly after fires in the backcountry subside.



New leads in disappearance of Flathead soldier

KAJ photo(KALISPELL)- Authorities may have some new clues on the fate of a solider who disappeared in the Bob Marshall backcountry a year ago.

Noah Pippen vanished last September, with friends and family believing something might have happened while he was hiking.

KAJ TV reports the Flathead County Sheriff's Department is checking out a new lead from a group of Boy Scouts, who may have found some of Pippen's clothing below the Chinese Wall, a major escarpment and landmark in the Bob. The area is still buried under a major snow drift but detectives say it could be a good clue as to Pippen's fate.