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Ryan to stump for Zinke re-election bid this weekend

(BILLINGS)- With just two weeks left to Election Day, GOP leaders are rallying forces hoping to ensure victory in House races like Montana.

And with Representative Ryan Zinke facing a strong challenge from Democratic challenger Denise Juneau, Republicans are turning to a heavy hitter to get the re-election message across. 

KTVQ is reporting House Speaker Paul Ryan will be campaigning for Zinke during a campaign appearance this coming weekend in Billings. The "grassroots rally" is set for 10 a.m. Sunday morning at the Corporate Air Hanger at the airport. Doors will open to the public an hour before that. 


Rehberg "excited" about Ryan's pick as V.P. candidate

(MISSOULA)- Congressman Denny Rehberg says he's "excited" about the selection of Rep. Paul Ryan to complete the GOP's presidential ticket this year, applauding the pick by Governor Mitt Romney for his running mate.

When Ryan was selected Friday, some pundits were immediately wondering how Rehberg would take the news, since he was one of a handful of Congressmen who had opposed Ryan's revolutionary budget proposals. Some of that speculation was fueled by Rehberg's recent campaign ads, which touted his opposition to the Ryan plan as an example of his willingness to be an independent thinker for Montana, breaking ranks with his fellow GOP lawmakers.

But Rehberg released a statement Saturday saying he fully support's Romney's choice of "my friend and House colleague" for the ticket. 

"Congressman Ryan is a public servant of the highest order, and I appreciate his character, intelligence, and creativity, not only on the vast majority of issues on which we agree, like controlling government spending, developing our natural resources, and providing tax relief for families and job creators, but also on the few occasions where we haven't," said Rehberg. "Both the Presidential race and our Senate campaign here in Montana are about creating jobs, getting our economy back on track, and turning the page on President Obama and Senator Tester's harmful, tax-and-spend policies so we can restore America to its full greatness. It's clear that Governor Romney and Congressman Ryan are the right team to lead our nation in that comeback."

Rehberg is entering the home stretch in his Senate battle to unseat Democrat John Tester for Montana's junior Senator spot.